Water Damage Restoration Services

Severe water damage is something that no one wants to go through. But when it does happen, hiring the right company to handle cleanup without delay is one of the most important decisions that you can make. The company that you are searching for is Jouny Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning in Dearborn Heights, MI. We are ready to respond to your emergency 24/7.

Cleaning up water damage in homes is a core service of Jouny Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning and we understand how to get job done right.

If you need immediate assistance, please call us 24/7 or press the “24-hour Emergency Services” button. We are committed to responding to you within 30 minutes and be on-site within four hours.

Several events can cause water damage, including:

 • Overflowing sink, bathtub or toilet

 • Failing sump pumps

 • Sewage backup

 • Roof leaks

Water damage restoration services include:

 • Water extraction

 • Cleaning and restoration of household goods and personal possessions (clothes, linens, books and documents, etc.)

 • Insurance claim assistance


There are scientific methods and specialized equipment involved with extracting water and drying out an area that has been affected by water damage. It may take a moisture meter or infrared camera to find moisture that has seeped into your sub-floor. This is why it is so important to trust an experienced company so you can avoid costly repairs down the road.


The aftermath of any disaster that has directly affected your home is most often is a traumatic situation that is filled with stress and uncertainty. Jouny Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning provides the following tips and information that can help provide a smoother recovery process.

  1. Contact Jouny Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning for all your property damage needs.
  2. Of course, it’s extremely important to make sure you and your family (and don’t forget your pets) are safe and that you contact your relatives and friends to assure them that you are safe.
  3. Report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible.
  4. Keep a listing of all household personal belongings or goods that you have discarded and receipts for any expenses you incur while protecting your property.
  5. Is your house safe? Depending on the amount of damage, you may need to relocate temporarily until the cleanup and repairs are completed. (Notify your insurance company if this is the case.)


You have suffered a water loss. While you are waiting for Jouny Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning to arrive, listed below are some tips to help deal with the damage:

  • Be Safe: A water event can present several potential safety hazards to residents. The potential for slips and falls and electric shock are real. Keep in mind, items soaked with water can be very heavy. Only perform tasks that can be done safely.
  • Water Source: It is very important to turn off the water. For most, the main shut-off valve is located either in your garage or utility room, or outside, next to your water meter.
  • Electrical: Be sure to turn off all power to affected rooms of the home. Don’t operate your television or other electrical appliances while standing on wet flooring.
  • Air Conditioning: Turn on your air conditioner to speed up drying in summertime or in humid areas of the country.
  • Floors: Dispose of as much standing water as possible, using a mop or towels. (Don’t use the vacuum cleaner.)
  • Carpeting: Blot wet carpeting with clean, white towels. Remove Oriental rugs or other colored rugs from wet wall-to-wall carpet.
  • Clothing/Fabrics: Transfer wet items to a dry area. Do not allow draperies to stay in contact with wet floors or carpeting.
  • Furniture: Move lighter pieces away from the carpeting. Place plastic wrap or plastic bags under the legs of bigger furniture. Wipe any residual water off of the furniture.

If your home or business has been damaged by fire, water, mold, storm or other disaster contact Jouny Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning immediately!

To properly dry an area that has been affected by water damage, there’s a scientific procedure that needs to be followed closely. Get back into your home as quickly as possible by contacting the restoration specialists at Jouny Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning today.


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