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Before the introduction of steam cleaners then the methods people usually used to clean carpets involves simple processes such as vacuuming or dry carpet cleaning.

However these basic methods and techniques only made carpets look clean on the outside. However it had no effect on the hard-to-reach places which carpets have a lot of. These methods make carpets look cleaner but they reduce the quality of the carpet’s material as the fibers become faded and brittle with regular wear and tear.


In order to make sure that your carpets are cleaned properly then you need to make sure that you choose a carpet cleaning company that offers steam carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning is recommended by most carpet manufactures as the best carpet cleaning method which will save you a huge amount of money in the long run. .

It is important to point out that steam carpet cleaning makes your carpet look good but in addition to this it also protects the fibers. Some of the other methods use harsh chemicals in order to get rid of carpet stains.
However this can result in the removal of the natural protective layers of your carpet fibers which then means that your carpet will be more vulnerable to general wear and tear. In addition to this the fabric becomes frayed and the colors can fade. However when you use steam carpet cleaning then this process is much more gentle on the fibers so it can actually increase the lifespan of your carpet.


More and more people use steam carpet cleaning because they saw huge difference in carpet cleaning quality, it is important to be aware that in the long run steam carpet cleaning will actually save you money. As some of the basic methods are not thorough this means that your carpets will get dirty more quickly. New dust particles will stick to the old dirt and stains which means it will be tougher to get out. Even if you wash your carpets on a regular basis then over time they will start to look cheap and mangy unless you choose steam carpet cleaning.


As steam cleaning is thorough it takes much longer for your carpet to become dirty so it will be a long time before your carpet needs to be cleaned again. If you currently use old cleaning methods then you should find a company that offers steam carpet cleaning and you will see the great difference steam cleaning makes.


When you have carpets, Oriental rugs and upholstery in your home—particularly higher quality, more expensive ones—the last thing you want to see is an accident or spillage that causes a stain slap bang in the middle of the carpet, Oriental rug or delicate upholstery. This is not only unsightly but can also prove to be a real hassle to remove, often resulting in costly repairs or replacement. A common example of this is the accidental spillage of bleach, ink or red wine on a light carpet, Oriental rug or delicate upholstery, which really stands out and can be difficult to remove.

The good news is that we offer a stain removal service, which means that you can get your stained carpet dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Whatever type of stain you have on your carpet, these industry professionals can get to work on it in order to restore your carpet. With experts to help with stain removal, you can also rest easy in the knowledge that high quality products and specialist equipment will be used on your carpets in order to remove the stains safely and without causing further damage.


When it comes to choosing the right provider for spot removal service, you need to make sure you look for certain qualities. Finding an established provider, such as the Jouny Carpet, means that you can benefit from total peace of mind when having this type of work carried out. Other things you need to look at in order to help you make your choice include:

 • Experience of the provider: Cleaning providers with years of experience operating professional equipment understand the work that goes into stain removal.

 • A reputable company: Make sure you find a reputable company that is known for offering high standards and service levels. Also look for a good Better Business Bureau rating.

 • Affordable pricing: You don’t want to overpay for cleaning a stain, so make sure you find a company that offers competitive prices. However, this should be coupled with great service and high standards, not in place of them.

 • A range of services: By looking for a company that offers access to a range of additional services, you can use the same provider for all of your carpet and general cleaning requirements, which can ultimately save you a lot of time and hassle in the future.


When you have an accident and your carpet becomes badly stained, you should never assume that the carpet is beyond repair simply because you are unable to get the stain out yourself. The specialists of Jouny Carpet have access to a wide range of extremely effective products and tools that can do a far more thorough job than standard cleaning products, so you could restore your carpet, Oriental rug and delicate upholstery with no hassle at all.

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