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If your business has been in the same location for more than a few years you may have had occasion to look up and notice discoloration or even yellowing of your ceiling tiles. Don’t let your business image be tarnished. Renew and brighten your business with help from Jouny Carpet! We will clean and brighten those tiles and brighten up the image of your business at the same time.


Brick, siding, or wood, we can bring the frontage of your business back to life. We handle power washing of exterior sidewalks, brick facings and more! Call us today for more details.


Hard to reach blinds in your business can become covered in dust and grime. Contact us to let us clean those blind and bring the color back to your window treatments.


Curtain fabric can become bleached and damaged by the sun over time. Let the fabric experts at Jouny Cleaning provide new life for your draperies with thorough cleanings for large floor to ceiling curtains and drapes. We can bring the curtains of your school or theatre back to their velvet splendor with the best equipment in the industry for on the spot cleaning.


Jouny Carpet offers Scotchgard™ carpet and upholstery protectant to protect your investment from damage after cleaning from stains, spills, and dirt. We offer 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet and Upholstery protection which results in liquids beading rather than soaking into your business’s rug or furniture upholstery. This added protection gives you time to soak up spills and stains before they can penetrate the fabric.

Our Carpet Scotchgard™ offers similar protection for your business’s flooring by keeping the dirt and stains above the carpet weave and making it more difficult for dirt and grime to sink to the carpet backing following cleaning. This means with regular vacuuming your carpet can remain brighter and cleaner longer by removing more dirt and debris with each cleaning.


Businesses can bring interesting and sometimes unwanted odors. Let the experts at Jouny Carpet assess and remove unwanted odors from your business environment so your employees and customers can get back to business. Be it mildew or chemical odors, Jouny Carpet can find the source and neutralize the odors.


Businesses with high volume traffic can take a toll on mats and area rugs. Jouny Carpet can help lengthen the life of your area rugs in waiting rooms, walkways, entrance areas, and in front of desks. Save time, money, and effort by cleaning rather than replacing your area rugs. Cleaning extends the life of your area rugs and ensures that your business maintains a professional appearance. If your rugs are fraying or damaged, Jouny Carpet can help. Let us repair and restore your rugs to their original beauty.


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